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Truckboss by Marathon
Truckboss is manufactured in the USA and Canada
TRUCKBOSS is the Number One Truck Deck in North America
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TRUCKBOSS is simply the best truck deck on the market today. 

Manufactured by Marathon, the TRUCKBOSS Truck Deck System brings 15 year of deck manufacturing experience and feedback from thousands of users into a completely unique well thought out design.   TRUCKBOSS provides users unequalled quality and flexibility in hauling snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's, Motorcycles along with industry exclusive winch loading & sealed under deck storage.

That's why we say DEMAND MORE ... because the TRUCKBOSS Deck delivers more in every way!!

I am writing you this message just to let you know about your product. About 6 months ago i bought a deck from you guys after doing a lot of research first.  I found decks on the market that were a fair amount cheaper.  So I thought I would do some inquiring whenever I saw a deck on a truck I would stop and talk to that person. In every case when I would come across a TRUCKBOSS deck the person only had great things to say about it. Not so glowing for the other decks the only rebuttal I got from some other sled deck owners when i asked them why they didn't buy your product they would always say mine was cheaper. After listing off all the things they didn't like about their deck. I have really got to use mine over the last  5 weeks for sledding and let me tell you I'm am VERY satisfied !!!  It's great to show up to a launch point open up the tail gate and everything is dry and not filled with snow. The look is also second to none. I have recommended the deck to some of my friends but the deck really sells itself. 

I guess the moral of my little story is...
Good decks aren't cheap and cheap decks aren't good.

Your customer for life.
Kevin Wagner.

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Dan Treadway is both a profeesional snowmobiler and skier. He grew up snowmobiling to school. His infamous leap off an air in the permanently closed Donít Miss area on Whistler left Dan banned from the resort for the 1999-2000 season. Treadway started sledding more than skiing, and now he racks up more than 120 days a year on his machine. The self-proclaimed redneck has appeared in five Slednecks snowmobile films. 

     We are avid sledders and do a lot of traveling and rely A LOT on quality products.  This is no different when NWSledder searched out to find a high quality, reputable sled deck.  The first things we looked for to find in a deck included quality of materials, reputation of company and last but not least durability.  Needless to say the choice was very clear and we are so excited about our new Truckboss 7.

     You will note extreme attention to details on these decks, from the overall appearance and sexy sleek lines, to the minor details such as no sharp edges, smooth corners, solid pull outs, secure deck, water-tight bed to the safe ramp.  Actually the amount of benefits far exceed our expectations and we feel 100% confident and comfortable with the amazing winch option we went with.  We canít stress how important a secure and safe deck is, and this TRUCKBOSS really takes it beyond anything else out there!

Super Satisfied Customer,
  • Made in the USA

  • Patented Deck Technology
            (U.S. Patent No.8496281)

  • Exclusive Winch Loading System

  • Exclusive Patented Telescoping Ramps
              (U.S. Patent No. 7,302,725)
                (Can Patent No. 2,510,936)

  • Exclusive Infinite Tie Down Points

  • Exclusive No-Maintennace Anodized Finish

  • Modular - Fits All Trucks

  • Secure and Weatherproof Under the Deck

  • 2000lb Capacity

For 2015 we have created a series of 4 new installation videos.  These videos provide a greater level of detail on how to install a TRUCKBOSS deck and make it easier than it has ever been before.
Click Here to See Our Full Installation Videos
A great video made by our Sponsored Rider, Jacob Dahle.  A time lapse video of him installing his TRUCKBOSS Deck.  His assistant / boss on this job is Turbo the Bulldog.
Another great video by our Sponsored Rider, Jacob Dahle.  He does a great job demonstrating winch loading!! 
(Sorry...Turbo the Bulldog from the DIY Video had other commitments and could not be in this one)
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