Work Truck Solutions

The #1 Truck Deck in North America, TRUCKBOSS products are strong and flexible enough to be your ideal tool to improve your productivity or the productivity of your employees. For your work truck solutions, choose TRUCKBOSS. Whatever you ride… we carry.

Fire Trucks

Combine the benefits of a TRUCKBOSS Truck Deck with an effective fire suppression system.

Work Solutions for Tough Jobs

TRUCKBOSS is strong and flexible enough to be the ideal tool to improve your productivity. When the job requires loading up equipment, accessories such as buggy whips, fire extinguishers, and equipment cabinets can easily be attached to the TRUCKBOSS Deck System. Rest assured, the contents of your truck bed will always be protected, dry, and safe. For additional storage options, TRUCKBOSS offers cargo boxes to maximize the storage capability to the underside of the deck.

Safe & Effective

No matter the job, TRUCKBOSS can provide dry and secure under-deck storage, scene lighting options, top-of-deck storage options, as well as the ability to safely carry and easily load ATVS and UTVs. TRUCKBOSS is versatile, durable, stylish, and, most importantly, it’s safe. Working to load and unload materials and equipment comes with certain risks of damaging equipment and even injury. Thankfully, TRUCKBOSS improves worker safety when loading through the use of winch loading. TRUCKBOSS meets safety standards on many job sites allowing you to work knowing that your equipment and personnel are safe.

Truckboss for Industry

TRUCKBOSS has been adopted by Fire Departments, Police Services, and Search & Rescue organisations across North America, as well as companies in the logging & forestry, agricultural, oil & gas, surveying, fish & wildlife, ranch management, and land management sectors.

Truckboss for Fires

TRUCKBOSS provides solutions for those working in fire and emergency response units. Wildland fire fighting teams, quick response units, search and rescue units, noxious weed control personnel, wildland rescue teams, and Rapid Intervention teams have all used TRUCKBOSS solutions for their needs. View our PDF below for more info on our fire suppression system.

Why Use TruckBoss?

Our TBOSS SURESEAL-FIT keeps the equipment in the bed of your work truck dry and safe regardless of the conditions outside. It also means that when your tailgate is locked the TRUCKBOSS provides a secure tamperproof seal.

TRUCKBOSS is the only no-weld aluminum truck deck on the market today. Our TBOSS Modular System features over 20 proprietary extrusions resulting in a strong and unparalleled truck deck system!

Every TRUCKBOSS has over 120′ of TBOSS SURELOCK RAILS on the deck, side rails and headache rack giving you virtually unlimited tie down points. The rails are angled to act as a lock washer, giving you the knowledge that your load will remain secure wherever you go!

TRUCKBOSS is the only truck deck on the market today to offer a WINCH LOADING SYSTEM. In addition, we have further innovated with the TBOSS TRAC WINCH SYSTEM that allows the winch to slide to accommodate multiple machine loading.

Who Uses Our Products?

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Our Decks

TRUCKBOSS is the only no-weld aluminium truck deck on the market today. Our TBOSS Modular System features over 20 proprietary extrusions resulting in a unparalleled truck deck system!

Our Accessories

TRUCKBOSS understands that everyone’s loading needs are different. Whether you’re hauling sleds, bikes, ATVs, or UTVS, we offer a broad range of accessories to optimize your experience. For loading assistance accessories, we offer ramps, traction ladders, and winch-kits. If you’re looking for some extra space to haul your equipment safely, we offer everything from protection kits to deck extensions. With TRUCKBOSS, whatever you ride, we carry.