How easy is the deck to remove?

The deck surface can be removed quickly, there are 4–5 brackets holding the deck surface on, remove the carriage bolts from the deck surface, remove the rear flap, disconnect the wiring and lift the deck surface off.

Can I move the deck to a different truck?

As long as you stay within the same box length the deck can be moved with minimal parts or adjustment.

Do I drill through the deck to mount accessories?

Never, we use the capture channels throughout the deck, headache rack and sides to mount accessories. We can customize brackets to mount almost anything you can dream up.

How long does a typical TRUCKBOSS install take?

Three hours for the Standard TRUCKBOSS model. Add time for accessories such as the Carbide Protection Kit, Deck extensions or a Winch Kit. Only basic tools are required, at times during the installation it is advantageous to have a helper.

I have plastic bed rail caps – should I remove them?

No. Many truck manufacturers now include plastic bed rail caps on their trucks. Neither OEM nor aftermarket plastic caps will interfere with installation.

I have a plastic box liner – should I remove it?

There is no requirement to remove your plastic box liner, however it will have to be cut in several places in order to securely clamp the TRUCKBOSS interface (RAIL-CAPTURE) to your truck’s bed rails. To ease TRUCKBOSS install we recommend that the plastic liner is removed.

I have a spray-in box liner – will this affect install?

No. It is fine to install TRUCKBOSS over top of a spray-in liner.

Liners & Rail Caps

Is the deck completely sealed?

Yes, the rail capture seals the box sides, the front bulkhead seals the front and rear flapper seals the rear.

How secure is TRUCKBOSS?

TRUCKBOSS creates a vault inside your truck box. TRUCKBOSS is not removable or accessible from outside the truck box. All components are heavy-gauge double walled aluminum. If your tail-gate does not have an OEM lock they are readily available in the aftermarket.

Trailers & Towing

Can I tow a trailer with a TRUCKBOSS on my truck?

Yes. A TRUCKBOSS 8 installed on a long box truck will extend no farther than your bumper. A TRUCKBOSS 7 on a standard box truck will be slightly shorter than your bumper (Ford Super Duty), flush with your bumper (GMC/Chev 2500/3500), or just past your bumper (Dodge 2500/3500). These lengths will not inhibit you from towing a trailer.

Do I need a deck extension?

This is decided based on deck length and machine length.

Will I have clearance for my trailer?

It will depend on what you are hauling, length of deck, and which extension you are using. You may require a hitch extension.

Other / General

What is the weight rating on the deck?

The deck is rated for 2000lbs.

What are the ramps rated for?

When used as a pair, they have a 3000lb rating. The flexloader ramp is rated for 1500lbs.

How much does the deck weigh?

8ft 500lbs, 7ft 450lbs, and 6ft 400lbs.

I have an older TRUCKBOSS deck, are the new accessories compatible?

Yes, all of our accessories can be used on any TRUCKBOSS deck.

Will the aluminum oxidize?

The deck surface, sides, CAB-GUARD, and rails have been anodized to protect them from oxidizing. This will keep your TRUCKBOSS looking new for years.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding the TRUCKBOSS Deck system.