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TRUCKBOSS is the most advanced Truck Deck System in the market today. Designed to fit any full size pick up truck regardless of box length, TRUCKBOSS is made entirely from extruded and anodized aluminum giving it unequaled strength, endurance and flexibility. The unique design allows TRUCKBOSS to seal to the rails of the truck creating a weather-tight seal, and when the tailgate is locked, a vault for valuable gear and equipment. Industry-exclusive storage options such as SMARTBOXX make the space under the deck even more valuable. The capture channels incorporated into the surface and sides of the deck play a key role in adding accessories that are simply not available with any other deck system. TRUCKBOSS also exclusively offers winch loading. The 3500lb wired/wireless winch allows users to load and unload in the safest manner possible. TRUCKBOSS is so much more than a sled deck. We have applications for snow, ATV, UTV, and water craft, or any combination thereof. What ever you ride… we carry.

As a company, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality products with exceptional customer service. We do not sell an inexpensive or cheap product, and recognize that there are lower dollar alternatives out there (eg. trailers). However, we feel that we offer a unique alternative to what is out there and the best value in the market… hands down.

Who We’re Looking For

Dealers that hold inventory to meet customer demands. Inventory requirements are reasonable and based on each dealer’s unique situation.

Dealers that offer installation services. This is a high-margin business and a great way to connect with new customers for other product offerings.

Ideally dealers are in one of the following businesses: power sports dealer, truck up-fitter or service, or in a vertical work-truck market (fire, forestry, survey).

Dealers have intentions of marketing the TRUCKBOSS product line to the markets they serve.

Where We Need Dealers

Geographically, we have requirements across the United States and Canada. Based on our web traffic, representation is required in the following provinces and states. We are also proud of our international dealers and look forward to expansion in this area as well.


  • Washington
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Ohio


In Canada additional dealers are required for British Columbia and in the east.

What We Offer

Strong Margins

We offer strong product margins, with various dealer levels. The more you sell the more you make!

Strong Service Margins

Installation and implementation of the TRUCKBOSS deck system is a high margin bonus on the initial sale.

Freight Costs Covered

The TRUCKBOSS deck system has been designed to be easy to ship. With the 5% shipping allowance most of our dealers get their freight costs covered.

Dealer Support

TRUCKBOSS provides dedicated dealer support resources; this includes selling and technical support

Social & Web

Dealers are integrated into our company-wide web and social media programs

Brochures & Sales Materials

Custom materials are provided based on volume. In addition, we provide artwork to assit you in your marketing efforts.

Sponsorship Program

With these programs we sponsor pro riders from multipule sports. To assist dealers an attempt is made to sponsor ‘local pros’

Trade Show Support

This can take the form of show specials, selling materials, give aways or a manufactures rep there to help you sell.


We want to see you succeed as a TRUCKBOSS dealer.
Any support and advice we can give is only a phone call away.